Georgian Technical University together with  The Forschungszentrum Jülich (FZJ) are planning “Autumn Lectures in Tbilisi”  which will be held in Georgian Technical University in October 2013.

The current project will be a sequel  of the highly successful previous meeting held in Tbilisi (May 2010), where Jülich and Georgian institutions expanded their mutual scientific cooperation in various fields of Basic Science.

For the up-coming gathering we plan to have a dedicated lecturing courses for the Bachelor, Master  and  PhD  students  in  the  Nuclear  and  Medical  Physics.

Based on the concept, called the Georgian-German Science Bridge, partners agreed to enforce the scientific and technological cooperation between two countries. The framework has been adopted during the visit of German delegation in Tbilisi, in December 2011.

The project was planned in Germany during the visit of the representative of Physics department of GTU.