From Discovery to Technology

The content of this training course (“from discovery to applications”) will be in the fields of basic science and includes lectures in:

  • Experimental and Theoretical Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Life Sciences and Health
  • Engineering Science

The course will be conducted by leading scientists of 6 FZJ institutes (IEK, IKP, INM, PGI, IBG, ZEA) and will include theoretical as well as practical trainings at the outstanding experimental and technological facilities of FZJ – hence it should take place in Jülich.  This event is in line with the intention of  Jülich center and Georgian universities to continue:

(i)  their scientific cooperation in the field of fundamental particle and nuclear physics (IKP);

(ii) cooperation in the field of medical imaging physics and biomedical applications (INM);

(iii) their scientific cooperation in the field of atmospheric sciences and environment (IEK);

(iv) scientific cooperation in the field of solid-state research with ultra-short X-ray pulses (PGI-6);

(v)  cooperation towards efficiently exploiting the capacity of the Central Institute for Engineering and Technology (ZEA);

(vi) establish collaboration in the field of agricultural science, e.g. with the Institute of Bio- and Geosciences (IBG-2).