Health as a Global Challenge – From Discovery to Technology
Contributions by the GGSB SMART|Labs in Georgia

The GGSB Lecture Week 2023 will provide presentations by scientists and engineers from Germany and Georgia in the fields of basic and applied science, comprising:

  • Experimental and Theoretical Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Life Sciences and Health
  • Engineering Science


More specifically, the subjects will focus on health – in particular cancer – and cover:

  • Fundamental Research & Applications in Particle and Nuclear Physics
  • Accelerator Research and Applications in Medicine
  • Atmospheric Sciences and Environment
  • Medical Imaging and Radionuclides for Life Sciences
  • Machine Learning and Image Analysis
  • Mechanical and Electrical Engineering


It will include:

  • Environmental risks (e.g. atmospheric pollution)
  • Diagnostic tools (e.g. MRI and PET, including advanced analyses)
  • Treatment (e.g. hadron therapy)
  • Facilities (scanner, accelerators, detectors)


A major motivation will be contributions to the planned Hadron Therapy Center (HTC) at Kutaisi International University (KIU) by existing and future SMART|Labs in Georgia.

Georgian students will get an overview of scientific projects and opportunities to participate – by working in SMART|Labs at Georgian universities and conducting Internships, BSc and MSc as well as PhD theses at German partner institutions. For the first step (internships), the selected students will be invited to Germany for a short-term visit for an introduction and training at forefront equipment.