Workshop (Tbilisi)

August 6: Tbilisi State University

August 7: Tbilisi State University

August 8: Excursion

August 9: Georgian Technical University

August 10: Georgian Technical University

Summer School (Batumi)

August 13: Batumi State University

August 14: Batumi State University

August 15: Excursion

August 16: Batumi State University

August 17: Batumi State University

Travel Information


Munich - Tbilisi - Munich [link]

Istanbul - Batumi - Istanbul [link]

Tourist Agency Visit Georgia: [link]


Citizens of the EU countries can enter in Georgia WITHOUT a visa. For more details please follow the link.


Hotel MUZA [link] (Tbilisi)

Hotel VARAZI [link] (Tbilisi)

Hotel ERA Palace [link] (Batumi)

Hotel CHAO [link] (Batumi)

Hotel AISI [link] (Batumi)

Workshop Fees


  • Workshop in Tbilisi (August 5 - 11): 400 EUR
  • Summer school in Batumi (August 12 - 18): 400 EUR


We kindly ask you to pay in cash at the registration desk.