Monday, August 30 (1000 – 1900)

Chairman: Academician Albert Tavkhelidze
1000 Uwe Schramm (German ambassador): Welcome address 10'
L1 Hans Ströher: Status and perspectives of hadron physics in Europe 30'
T1 Colin Wilkin: Meson production in pp, pn, dp and dd interactions 30'
T2 Volker Hejny: η production in dd interactions 20'
T3 Timo Mersmann: Investigation of the Heη 3 -system 15'
T4 Yury Valdau: + K production in pn interactions 15'

1200 - 1220 Coffee break

Chairman: Prof. Hans Ströher
T5 Vera Kleber: Light scalar meson production at COSY 20'
T6 Vadim Baru: Theoritical model for scalar meson production 20'
T7 Irakli Keshelashvili: Φ -meson production in pp interactions 20'
T8 Yoshikazu Maeda: Φ -meson production in pn interactions 15'

1335 - 1500 Lunch break

T9 Yury Uzikov: Parity determination of the pentaquark in NN collisions 25'
T10 Wolfgang Eyrich: Search for the pentaquark + Θ state 30'
T11 Vladimir Koptev: Pentaquark search at ANKE 15'
T12 Ashot Gasparyan: Hyperon-nucleon interaction and strangeness production 20'
T13 Mikhail Nekipelov: Experiments on in-medium + K -meson production 20'
T14 Michael Hartmann: Plans for − K production in pA reactions at ANKE 20'

1710 - 1730 Coffee break

Chairman: Prof. Mikheil Nioradze
T15 Izabella Zychor: Evidence for a new Y* hyperon in pp collisions at ANKE 20'
T16 Wolfgang Schroeder: Strong contribution of the N* resonances in the Λproduction at TOF 20'
L2 Revaz Shanidze: Astroparticle physics with hadrons and leptons 30'
L3 Akaki Liparteliani: Rare beauty as windows onto extra dimensions 30'
2000 Georgian movies

Tuesday, August 31 (900 – 1800)

Chairman: Prof. Colin Wilkin
L4 Frank Rathmann: Polarization experiments in storage rings 30'
L5 Erhard Steffens: Polarized beams 30'
T17 Bernd Lorentz: Polarimetry at COSY 20'
T18 David Chiladze: Deuteron polarimetry at ANKE 20'
T19 Ralf Engels: Polarized internal target at ANKE 20'
T20 Kirill Grigoriev: Cell tests for ANKE 15'

1115 - 1135 Coffee break

T21 Manfred Dillig: Short range dynamics in the pp and the pd system 30'
T22 Pia Engblom: Spin dependence in pd reactions at intermediate energy 25'
T23 Yury Uzikov: The deuteron breakup reaction (pd ) (theory) 20'
T24 Sergey Yaschenko: The deuteron breakup reaction ( ) pd ( ) dσ dΩ 20'
T25 George Macharashvili: The deuteron breakup reaction ( ) ( ) Ay pd 20'

1330 - 1500 Lunch break

Chairman: Prof. Teimuraz Kopaleishvili
T26 Ruprecht Machleidt: NN interaction at intermediate energy 45'
T27 Colin Wilkin: Polarized charge-exchange reaction (theory) 25'
T28 Andro Kacharava: Polarized charge-exchange reaction (experiment) 20'
T29 Viktor Glagolev: The charge-exchange reaction studies at JINR 15'
T30 Ralf Schleichert: Double polarization pn experiments 25'

1710 - 1730 Coffee break

L6 Hellmut Seyfarth: Spin effects in hydrogen and deuterium recombination 30'
1900 - 1945 Evening Lecture (in Georgian)
L7 Andro Kacharava: Jülich and its Research Center: History, Present and Future 45'

Thursday, September 2 (900 – 1830)

Chairman: Prof. Erhard Steffens
T31 Magnus Wolke: WASA at CELSIUS and η′ decays with WASA at COSY 30'
T32 Markus Büscher: Key experiments for WASA at COSY 25'
T33 Carsten Schwarz: Hadron physics at FAIR (PANDA, CBM) 30'
T34 Raimund Tölle: HESR-project in FAIR at GSI 20'
L8 Nikolay Nikolaev: Spin physics in QCD 30'

1115 - 1135 Coffee break

T35 Nikolay Nikolaev: Double spin asymmetry (transversity) 30'
T36 Paolo Lenisa: Polarized Antiproton Experiments (PAX) 30'
T37 Marco Contalbrigo: PAX detector concept 30'
T38 Leila Chiqovani: Study of top quark rare decays via FCNC at LHC 25'

1330 - 1500 Lunch break

Chairman: Prof. Anzor Khelashvili
T39 Detlev Gotta: Hadronic atoms (experiment) 30'
T40 Dieter Grzonka: Nuclear and particle physics with FLAIR at FAIR 30'
T41 Temur Nadareishvili: Problem of additional solutions in the nonrelativistic and relativistic equations 30'

1630 - 1700 Coffee break

T42 Mirian Tabidze: Bose-Einstein correlation from the DELPHI data 25'
T43 Archil Garishvili: A search for R-parity violating scalar top decays in + − e e collisions 20'
T44 Revaz Shanidze: Initiative for a TANDEM regional center for Caucasus 30'
1815 Hans Ströher: Workshop Summary
1930 Banque