August 30, 2004

Status and perspectives of hadron physics in Europe Hans Ströher
Meson production in pp, pn, dp and dd interactions Colin Wilkin
Eta production in dd interactions Volker Hejny
Investigation of the He3 Eta -system Timo Mersmann
K+ production in pd interactions Yury Valdau
Light scalar meson production at COSY Vera Kleber
Theoritical model for scalar meson production Vadim Baru
Phi-meson production in pp interactions Irakli Keshelashvili
Phi-meson production in pn interactions Yoshikazu Maeda
Parity determination of the pentaquark in NN collisions Yury Uzikov
Search for the pentaquark Theta+ state Wolfgang Eyrich
Hyperon-nucleon interaction and strangeness production Ashot Gasparyan
Experiments on in-medium K+-meson production Mikhail Nekipelov
Plans for K- production in pA reactions at ANKE Michael Hartmann
Evidence for a new Y* hyperon in pp collisions at ANKE Izabella Zychor
oparticle physics with hadrons and leptons Revaz Shanidze
beauty as windows onto extra dimensions Akaki Liparteliani


August 31, 2004

Polarization experiments in storage rings Frank Rathmann
Polarized beams Erhard Steffens
Polarimetry at COSY Bernd Lorentz
Deuteron polarimetry at ANKE David Chiladze
Polarized internal target at ANKE Ralf Engels
Cell tests for ANKE Kirill Grigoriev
Spin dependence in pd reactions at intermediate energy Pia Engblom
The deuteron breakup reaction (pd) (theory) Yury Uzikov
The deuteron breakup reaction (pd) (dSigma / dOmega) Sergey Yaschenko
The deuteron breakup reaction (pd)(Ay) George Macharashvili
NN interaction at intermediate energy Ruprecht Machleidt
Polarized charge-exchange reaction (theory) Colin Wilkin
Polarized charge-exchange reaction (experiment) Andro Kacharava
The charge-exchange reaction studies at JINR Viktor Glagolev
Double polarization pn experiments Ralf Schleichert
Spin effects in hydrogen and deuterium recombination Hellmut Seyfarth
Jülich and its Research Center: History, Present and Future Andro Kacharava


September 2, 2004

WASA at CELSIUS and Eta' decays with WASA at COSY Magnus Wolke
Key experiments for WASA at COSY Markus Buscher
Hadron physics at FAIR (PANDA, CBM) Hans Stroher
HESR-project in FAIR at GSI Raimund Tolle
Spin physics in QCD Nikolay Nikolaev
Double spin asymmetry (transversity) Nikolay Nikolaev
Polarized Antiproton Experiments (PAX) Paolo Lenisa
Search for two-gluino states Vakhtang Kartvelishvili
Study of top quark rare decays via FCNC at LHC Tamar Djobava
Hadronic atoms (experiment) Detlev Gotta
Nuclear and particle physics with FLAIR at FAIR Dieter Grzonka
Problem of additional solutions in the nonrelativistic and relativistic equations Temur Nadareishvili
Bose-Einstein correlation from the DELPHI data Mirian Tabidze
A search for R-parity violating scalar top decays in electron-positron collisions Archil Garishvili
Initiative for a TANDEM regional center for Caucasus Revaz Shanidze
Workshop Summary Hans Stroher